Version 3.1. with distribution maps of Switzerland and Europe

The new iForest version shows you the distribution maps of Switzerland andEurope for the 71 most important species. You can find them in the menu "List" andsubmenu "location/distribution map".

03_Verbreitung_EU_en > 04_Verbreitung_CH_en

Using the distribution maps you can locate the areas in which the selectedplant occurs in Europe and Switzerland.

As an example, the two screenshots show the distribution maps for the snowymespilus (Amelanchier ovalis) with Europe on the left and Switzerland on theright.


Version 3.1 available in Google play and AndroidPIT!

iForest can now be purchased through  Google play.

iForest can be accessed directly using Android cell phones using the following link:


Instead of opening the link you might find it easier to use the barcode scanner of your cell phone, which links directly to the iForest app in the Google play.


You might also search for iForest in Google play on your cell phone (open "search market" and type in "iForest")


Version 3.1 for Android cell phones is equivalent to the Version 3.1 for iPhones (see creenshots), though layouts and some handling aspects vary.



Version 3.1 available in the AndroidPIT - Market!

iForest can now be purchased through the AndroidPIT Market-Webstore.



Forum: iForest

We have now set up a forum for iForest under "Android Switzerland"



Version 3.01 available in the App Store and Google play since January 2012!

- 8 new plants
- over 1600 plant pictures
- Ability to compare similar plants
- Additional botanical information
- New search criteria (bloom and fruiting, inflorescence and fruit type)
- Extended information for plant identification
- Improved practice session
- Several corrections (mainly English version)



New Version 3.1 in the App Store and Google play since Mai 2012!

- Distribution maps
- Various optimizations



New Version 3.3 in the App Store since August 2013!

- New search criteria (bark)
- Various orrection in the text



Better images, text corrections and additional texts

Better or additional images, text corrections or additional texts are always welcome and will be mentioned in the imprint.